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The Salt Facial

What is The Salt Facial?

The Salt Facial is a multi-therapy procedure performed using a streamlined device. This facial is delivered in three steps: salt resurfacing, aesthetic ultrasound, red LED medical grade phototherapy.


Step 1: Salt Resurfacing

Salt crystals are naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, making them an ideal medium for exfoliation. Salt resurfacing works to remove the outer layer of damaged/dead skin naturally. The use of a positive pressure system allows the provider to ensure you are receiving a thorough, continious exfoliation without leaving your skin damanged and sensitive. Your gently exfoliated skin is now ready to receive your custom ultrasound treatment.

Step 2: Aesthetic Ultrasound

As the first step of the salt facial is drawing out dead skin, this step is about supplying your skin with the nutrients needed at every layer. The aesthetic ultrasound encourages your skin to create collagen by gently disrupting skin cells using ultrasonic cavitation, known as lipolysis, to send the ultrasonic waves that disturb the tissue causing fat cells to break apart and leave the dermis. They create the perfect opportunity for nutritious treatments to absorb circulation and stimulate collagen. The production of collagen reinforces the integrity of the intercellular matrix, a membrane responsible for maintaining the series of complex and delicately refined interactions on which skin functions depend.

Step 3: Medical-grade LED Therapy

The natural properties of multi-wave light therapy result in curbing inflammation, soothing redness, killing superficial and deep bacteria, stimulating collagen production, and promoting healing. During your phototherapy, blue light works to eliminate bacteria and soothe inflammation. The red light encourages collagen production. Enjoy the final stage of your treatment under a warm glow.


The results of a Salt Facial begin to show right away. Post-treatment skin is left plump, detoxified, nourished, and hydrated. Active acne issues are reduced and will continue to resolve with follow-up treatments. Patients with aging skin can expect clearer, toned skin that continues to improve with each treatment session. It's also an excellent treatment for anyone looking to diminish the appearance of scarring, stretch marks, and hyperpigmeantation. This treatment is recommeneded monthly.

Lastly, this non-invasive treatment is a staff and patient favorite for good reason. It's a safe and effective treatment that also leaves you with the benefit of natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, making it an ideal treatment for your monthly skin care regimen.




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