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We offer a wide array of chemical peels from light to medium depth.

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What is a superficial/light peel?

Superficial peels are classified according to strength, with superficial peels being the mildest form, so gentle it's often called "the lunchtime peel". The most common peeling agents in superficial peels are Glycolic and Salicylic Acid. The more gentle ones are based with simple fruit enzymes. These peeling agents are blended with other mild ingredients to create a liquid or paste formula that is applied to the skin for a duration of time long enough to penetrate only the epidermis. This process breaks down the bindning elements of the skin's top layer, causing dead skin cells to shed off to reveal  fresh glowing skin.

Chemical peels are customized for each individual patient. Superficial peels are used to address minor skin irregularities like discoloration, acne, surface scarring, fine lines, and sun spots. Superficial peels are also used to prepare the skin for deeper peels or to enhance the efficacy of other more invasive procedures.


What is a medium depth chemical peel?

A medium depth chemical peel involves the application of a chemical exfoliant that causes controlled damage to the epidermis and all or part of the papillary dermis (top layer), which ignites regenerative changes and restores the skin's tone and texure in just a single treatments, but usually more treatments make a bigger, better difference. The most common combination of agents in medium depth chemical peels is trichloroacetic acid (TCA), plus a Jessner's solution (mix of salicylic, lactic, resorcinol) and glycolic acids. Because the strength of the peel determines the level of penetration, the nature of destruction and the inflammatory response, a medium depth chemical peel causes moderate destruction and offers immediate results when compared to a superficial peel. Medium depth chemical peels are highly effective in smoothing texture, improving superficial discoloration, and mild photoaging, eliminating wrinkles, and enhancing the vitality of the skin. There is moderate downtime associated with this type of peel.

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